Frequent Answered Questions

What is Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

It is a technique that uses a suitable electric current to cause a muscular contraction, similar to the impulses that the nervous system sends, to control the actions of the muscles.

Thanks to our different training programs with EMS we can reach in depth the muscle fibers that are more difficult to activate through a conventional training, thus improving the efficiency of physical activity.

Benefits of Muscle Stimulation?

  • HYPERTROPHY: It helps us to increase our muscular volume.
  • CAPILLARIZATION: We can recover the blood flow faster and therefore, it will help us recover from our injuries.
  • ANAEROBIC: Our resistance will improve, thanks to the prolonged muscular impulses.
  • RELAXING: It helps us relax our muscles.
  • STRENGTH: It will improve our explosive strength and our speed of contraction.
  • BURNS: Decreases fats in our most rebellious parts such as waist, diminish thanks to electrostimulation.
  • ANTICELULITIC: It will help us eliminate fluids and improve circulation, so it is a good ally in the treatment of cellulite.
  • CORRECTOR: It helps us correct body posture.
  • TIME SAVING: The muscle is exercised faster than in the traditional way.