With this service you will be able to:

  • Change your current equipment by new ones of the same brand or another.
  • Buy second handed equipment checked and tested by our technical staff.
  • Sell your current equipment anytime you need


Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


We have the most extensive and varied range of accessories to complement your equipment all brands.

Vests, underwear, accessories, spare parts and accessories.

We offer a service of customizing clothes with your logo, ASK US ABOUT THIS OPTION!


    • EMS ONLINE training programs.
    • Train your new coaches with our training course. Either we go to your place or you to come to ours.
    • Customized training courses on different programs according to needs.
    • You no longer have to worry about if a coach leaves, we will teach your new trainer anything needed both in new equipment and in how to perform the training to become the best trainer in the city.
    • We also have real practical workshops at our facilities.


    Complete your equipment with our management software
    You can manage your customers, receipts and agenda easily

    Still do not have it?