Do you need an insurance policy for your equipment, your center or your trainer?

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Insurance policies made for you

With us you can ensure anything you need in order to make sure that your center, your trainer or your equipment are covered against any possible eventuality faster and at a lower price.

 We have signed agreements with the most solvent insurance companies tailored to the specific needs of your center and activity

If you need an insurance made for you and your
needs, discover our


We currently have 3 different insurance policies for you!


  • Fire and the expenses or damages caused by the extinction of the same
  • Explosion or implosion, whether or not followed by fire.
  • Fall or lightning action, whether or not followed by fire, and progressive waves by induction of the same.
  • Fall, impact, collision, obstruction and entry of foreign bodies
  • Theft or robbery, exercised with violence or intimidation on things or people.
  • Malicious acts of third parties that are not political or derive from labor or social conflicts.
  • Damage caused by water or moisture.
  • Negligence in improper use or handling.

  • Abnormal nature phenomena that are not supported by the Extraordinary Risks coverage of the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

  • For the purposes of this paragraph, phenomena that are not foreseeable in the geographical area of the event and time of the year in which it occurs will be considered abnormal.

  • Effects of electrical current, such as short circuits, over voltage, insulation faults, arc voltage, electromagnetic phenomena or electrostatic induction, including fire when one of these causes occurs. In general, any sudden, unforeseen and accidental cause is not expressly excluded.

* Differential advantage daily charge while having a time off work. Do not lose income in case of not being able to work