Estudios médicos

Journal of Strength & Conditioning

Effects of Electromyostimulation Training on Muscle Strength and Power of Elite Rugby Players

Supplemental EMS and Dynamic Weight Training: Effects on Knee Extensor Strength and Vertical Jump of Female College Track & Field Athletes

Willoughby, Darryn S.; Simpson, Steve

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Cryosauna y EMS

Cada día son más los centros de electroestimulación que combinan la cryosauna con la electroestimulación. Trabajando como unidades de negocio de manera independiente y siendo la cryosauna una nueva fuente de ingresos, hacen más sostenibles los centros de...

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The great demand of the EMS system for recovery

After a well-deserved vacation, we all go back to our daily routine and it is time to continue with our healthy, beneficial and necessary habits for our body and mind.Due to the need for results without investing too much time, since the return to our usual schedules...

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The importance of advertising in your business

Print and online advertising are essential to succeed in your business Print ads are very useful for localized areas. Leaving a card or flyer after a meeting or contact offers credibility and a great impact on the potential client.And what do you do when...

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Service of repair, guarantee and replacement of suits

From EMS Online we offer you support in each of your needs so that you can develop your activities in the best way. Now, in order to improve your work, we explain you and make things easy whith the repair of your suits, vests and equipment. No matter what the brand...

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Effects of Different Frequencies in EMS

It is common knowledge that the frequency of electro-muscular stimulation can be adapted to the different needs that we have. It is not the same to want to gain muscle or strength than to want to reduce muscular discomfort after a workout. This is what we are going to...

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Here is our new APP

We continue to work hard to help you manage your electrostimulation business and make it easier for you to do it. So we present the new app that is included with our center management software. The most important new feature of the new APP is the built-in agenda,...

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When using global EMS can not be beneficial

From the beginning we have said that electro-stimulation (EMS) is adaptable to anyone regardless of age or physical form, this is totally correct but there are always certain limitations, as in all sports. For this reason we will always ask a series of questions...

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